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05 :: 09 :: 2015
save the date!

Save the date • 05 :: 09 :: 2015 • location to be discovered!

Street Dinner #6, under the stars of Ferrara! Saturday, September 5, 2015 the city of the Estense family plans to entertain you with the sixth edition of the most mobile event ever

Only the date, the location and the uniqueness are certain...the rest will remain a secret until the last second! From blind dates to chic picnics, from puzzles to role playing, up until the dinner social, Street Dinner is the traveling gastronomic event for those who want to live a one-of-a-kind evening in Ferrara on September 5, 2015. Where you can dine in the streets, in a location that will be revealed only at the last minute with a text message and via Twitter… and not only: the Street Dinner team wants to entertain you from happy hour until midnight, with entertainment, music and lots of surprises. Get your cell phones ready!!!

Also for the 2015 edition, the attire will be TOTAL WHITE, informal but absolutely glamorous to spot the participants of the Street Dinner. The freebie given to all participants 2015 will be perfect to complete your outfit and it will be the key that will open the doors to the city, giving you free access to the venues, discounts and freebies. Play with your look and embrace the Street Dinner spirit!

The evening is organized as a journey from base to base, orchestrated by text messages. Your cell phone will reveal the location of your welcoming happy hour, as well as where to pick up your table-for-two, the chairs and the meals. The text messages will also reveal in which magical place of Ferrara you will dine. Also through Twitter, as for the 2012 and 2013 editions, you can receive your instructions for the more

After the plaza in front of the Cathedral and the fantastic street Corso Martiri, which location will be the backdrop for this edition?
In 2010, for the first time in the history of the splendid city of the Estense family, the plaza in front of the Cathedral was the suggestive location for the star-light dinner with 150 tables. In 2011, the location of Street Dinner was the Corso Martiri della Libertà, the street right in front of the Estense Castle. In 2012, the Dinner was held at the entrance to the Teatini Church which dates to the 600s, whereas in 2013 within the Medaglie d’Oro square. For 2015, the game demands that the location remains a mystery until the last moment: taking part will surely be exciting!